Website Roles

In order to ensure there is maximum flexibility and security with the website, the management system has been divided up into many diffenrent roles. The allocation of roles is done on an as needed basis rather than a heirarchical structure. what this means is that if a user is required to perform 2 specific functions, say adding news items and events, it means they need to be allocated the News Author and Events Author roles. The allocation of member roles is performed by the Membership Administrator, which is one of the most impotant roles as they define who can do what within the website.

Note: this structure was designed primarily to ensure that larger organisations protect and properly manage the confidentiality and security of their system. However, for smaller organisations, it is likely that 1 or 2 people will cover most of the roles between them.

Content Adding Roles

Administrative Roles

In organisatiosn where the website is sponsored and if there are not enough people prepared to fulfill all the roles, there are 2 special roles that may be filled by the sponsor at their request. These are sponsor administrator and sponsor author and each of these combine all other roles between them. The sponsor administrator combines all the administrative functions and the sponsor author combines all the content adding functions. The roles can only be assigned by Octo-xpressions and are normally done so during system setup though they may be done at any time thereafter.

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