Importing Streets & Zones

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  1. click the Browse button and select your file.
    Figure 1:
  2. Click the Process upload button that appears once you have loaded the file.
    Figure 2:

    The detail you see now will depend on how well completed the spread sheet is. In figure 3 below, you will see there are 29 errors. All the rows with errors will be highlighted and to find the problem with a particular row, hover your mouse over the edit button and a small tooltip will appear after a few seconds telling you the problem with that row. You have the oportunity to edit or delete the row - note that this does not affect the contents of the original spread sheet.
    Figure 3:

  3. If you need to edit a particular row, just click the edit button and scroll up the page and you will see the contents of that row are presented and available to edit- figure 4. click Update or Cancel when done.
    Figure 4:

  4. Once any errors have been resolved you will see the following screen;
    Figure 5:

    Note in the image above that there are 4 pre-exisitng zones which you can view in the drop down list.

    There are also 10 new zones that you will create based on the values in the spread sheet. Although all the new zones to be created are valid, in this instance, the first zone is "??". This is (hopefully) a mistake and should be rectified before clicking the Import Streets button.

  5. Depending on how many streets you have, the process of importing may take a while so please be patient. At the end of the process you will be presented with a list the imported streets.
    Figure 6:

  6. Finally, visit the Street & Zone Management page to ensure that all the streets and zones are correct.

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