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Existing SFNW members/guests will need to change their current member/guest log-in password in order to access the new sites member/guest features (see step-by-step instructions recently emailed to members).

Be the eyes and ears of the area.  Helping make our area a safer place is just a few clicks away.   Joining the Southfield Neighbourhood Watch keeps you in the loop about local issues, such as crime, safety, and community events.  As a free service, we can email crime alerts and community news right to your inbox, and you can choose both what to receive and the frequency at which you wish to receive it, so why not join now and keep informed!

PLEASE REPORT ALL CRIME TO SAPS - LESS REPORTED INCIDENTS = FEWER RESOURCES. The more cases that are opened, the more resources are allocated to our stations.

STORM- WARNING 6th June 2017

Recent Incidents

Attempted Theft - Out of M/Vehicle or M/Cycle AVE BERNARD 20th June 2017 04:40

Theft - Out of or from Motor Vehicle or Motorcycle BLUMENAUL AVE 20th June 2017 04:30

Theft - Out of or from Motor Vehicle or Motorcycle ELRIN ROAD 14th June 2017 05:15

Theft - Common MALGAS STREET 9th June 2017 05:00

Theft - Common SOUTHY STREET 28th May 2017 09:00


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